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How to Share the Gospel in FOUR Steps (E-book)

How to Share the Gospel in FOUR Steps (E-book)

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Can you articulate the gospel message in 1 minute or less?  Use this simple yet profound tool to help young people share their faith.  This e-book is 100% FREE.  No strings attached.


Sharing the gospel is necessary for every baptized Catholic.  But how do we articulate “the gospel message”?  This e-book uses a simple 4-point tool to help young disciples internalize and articulate this truth.

Download the e-book for FREE.

This book was adapted for a Catholic context by NET Ministries.  Permission from Campus Crusade of Switzerland.

Ideas for using How to Share the Gospel in FOUR Steps:

  • Confirmation empowers us to spread and defend the Catholic faith.  Have confirmation students go through it as a “capstone” course.
  • Have small groups go through a chapter a week, then finish with a service project where they use THE FOUR in real life.
  • Use it as a tool for one-on-one discipleship with young people who are on fire to share their faith.
  • Make it a Bible study!  Discuss the scripture verses in the e-book in depth.

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