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Known: Experiencing God in Daily Prayer (DVD & Book Set)

Known: Experiencing God in Daily Prayer (DVD & Book Set)

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Want access to JUST our 7-part series on Prayer, Known: Experiencing God in Daily Prayer?  

This purchase is for a DVD and Book with all the corresponding guides.  Purchasers have permission to copy the pages for distribution within the purchasing entity (parish, school, group, etc.) at no additional charge.



From the Rosary to the Mass itself, the topics related to prayer are innumerable. But the purpose of this study is singular: To help young people form the habit of daily, personal prayer.

This is a hybrid series alternating between video-guided sessions and non-video sessions designed to help leaders apprentice teenagers in prayer.

Over the course of 7 sessions, small groups will learn the building blocks of personal time and will be given opportunities to practices each type of prayer as a group.

Don’t miss out on our bonus resources: Bible Tabs & Prayer Journal

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