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The Connect Deck

The Connect Deck

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A picture is worth 1000 words, which is probably 999 more than you usually get when you ask your small group a question.

Ask a question in a small group and you are likely to get a one-word answer or, worse yet, nothing.  Often, it is not that they are being rude or withholding, they simply can’t find the words.  This is especially true when it comes to talking about God.  Talking about faith is not just vulnerable, but is it often foreign.  What if we gave them a tool to engage with questions from “How are you?” to “What is your view of God?” that didn’t start with words at all?


Enter:  The Connect Deck.


Instead of asking: “How was your weekend?”  ask, “Which of these photos best describes your weekend?  Explain.”  Instead of asking, “On a scale of 1-10 how is your relationship with God?” ask, “Which of these photos best represents your relationship with God? Explain.”  

By simply giving them a visual, they are able to dive deeper faster.


  • Choose 5-10 photo cards from this deck
  • Lay them face up in the middle of the small group
  • Ask them to identify a photo that answers a question 
  • Ask them to explain why.

Possible questions to use with the Connect Deck:

  • Which of these best describes your week/weekend/past month/etc.?
  • Which photo best represents your relationship with God right now?
  • Which photo best represents your relationship with your family right now?
  • Which photo best represents your prayer life?
  • How do you feel about church?  Use one of these photos to explain.

But this is just the beginning the possibilities are endless!


 See the Connect Deck in action here.


These 52 photos are carefully curated to jumpstart the conversation in your small group. 

This a great tool for your Catholic youth ministry, small groups with Catholic teens, Confirmation prep, and middle school youth ministry.  You can enhance and even replace standard small group games and icebreakers with this deck.

What you are about to see are not generic stock photos. They were submitted by real-life young people and the faithful adults who work with them.  


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