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THE FOUR Wristbands

THE FOUR Wristbands

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THE FOUR® Gospel wristbands are great conversation starters. With these 4 simple icons, you can share the Gospel.

Whether you call it the Kerygma, the gospel message, or simply “sharing your faith,” it is imperative that each baptized Catholic is equipped to articulate this life-changing truth.

But how?  This simple 4 step method of articulating the gospel can help us distill the core of this message in an easy-to-remember way.

  • God loves you
  • Sin divides us from that love
  • Jesus bridges this divide
  • How will you respond?

Get a THE FOUR® wristband for each of your teens to help them remember these essentials of our faith.  Use them along with our FREE ebook, How to Share the Gospel in FOUR Steps.

 Makes a great gift for your Catholic youth ministry, small groups, and even Confirmation.

THE FOUR® was developed by Campus Crusade of Switzerland.  Used by YDisciple with permission.

Want to hear the Kerygma articulated in a compelling way?  Check out this clip from YDisciple’s series, The Invitation. Presented by Nick Redd.

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